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Funkids Chinese Board Game Set School FUN101P1A

A brand new board game designed based on the concept of school building.  Various school compound in their Chinese names are marked to help lower primary students recognize them through playing.

Our unique question cards cover various aspects.  Learninghieroglyphics (象形文字); relate an action to verb and noun (比手划脚); understand radicals (部首); verbal communication in full sentence (会话); and surprise tasks (惊喜) related to school activities.


  • 1 x A3 game board (school building)
  • 5 x 15 question cards
  • 1 x Game rules
  • 1 x dice with numbers in Chinese character
  • 4 x tokens
  • 1 x A4 plastic transparent holder.

适合小一小二的华语文字棋盘, 配上75张问题卡, 推荐小朋友分组竞赛, 看看哪一组认得比较多华文字!

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Check out video by @mmlittlee with this board game :

23 Jan 18 [e5yo | f3yo] :: Received a gift and I thought it’ll be great to share if you want to play a Snake and Ladder kind of game but in Mandarin. . . There were some parts of the game I do not understand or know how to read though so mommy is also learning! There are three coloured deck of cards and the blue deck is too tough for me *haha* so when we do get there, I cheat a little and pick a card from the other decks. . . Objective of the game? Reach the top of the schoolhouse and win! Well of course, you need to answer the questions right - in Mandarin. . . Board Game from @funkids077 at S$38! It’s called 上学咯! Quote "mmlittleeppd10" for 10% off with a minimum purchase of S$40 at @pocketpigdiary until 31 Dec 2018. . . . #fayefaye妹妹 | #bigbro文

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