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Funkids CNY DIY Bamboo Handphone Strips Kit FUN931B1/2

colour: Blue & Red

Chinese New Year is on the way.  Other than paper decoration, ever thought of hanging something special on your handphone?  Here's the Funkids new designs of Bamboo series.

Write the blessings on the bamboo, there aresamples of Mandarin blessings with English meaning in the package, and tie it up with strips.


Create your own Chinese New Year decoration with your own blessings and creativity~

there are 2 different sets of color combination:
- Set 1: blue and red
- Set 2: yellow and coffee

The package includes:
- 4 plain bamboo ornaments (2cm x 4.5cm)
- 4 strips 
- 1 black ink brush pen
- sample of Mandarin blessings with English meaning

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