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Funkids DIY Cartoon LED Lantern Kit Tiger/Mouse/Pikachu/Lion/Minion/Rabbit - FUN932C1/2/3/4/5

color: Tiger

Create your own paper lantern from this cute cartoon lantern kit - tiger, mouse, pikachu, lion, minion and rabbit.  It is simple in assembly and safe with the LED light.  In less than 5 mins and the kids are ready for the Lantern walk with the moon!

Perfect for Mid Autumn Festival craft lessons and Chinese cultural activities and events.

Color: (1) Tiger; (2) Mouse; (3) Pikachu; (4) Lion; (5) Minion and (6) Rabbit


1 x Yellow color paper lantern (Pink color for rabbit)

1 x Pre-cut cartoon character foam sticker

1 x Set of wire, LED light, stick and string

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