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Funkids Radical Booklet & 12 Washable Color Markers set FUN410B

Thinking of educational gift for children? Try this radical booklet & 12 washable coloring markers set!

Each Chinese character is unique and made up of a primary component, which is known as a radical (部首). <<I Love Drawing & Writing>> introduces 15 commonly used radicals through a fun “word hunting game”. Each of the 12 broad line coloring markers comes with cute designed stamp and snap-fit cap. The color is vivid, and the durable fiber tip makes the drawing smooth and fun.

Are you ready to take up the challenge? Let’s get a set to find out the hidden radicals with the washable coloring markers!

Children Radical Booklet & Washable Color Markers set:
- <<我爱涂写  I Love Drawing & Writing>> 
- 12 washable color markers 

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