Kaleidoscope Science Toy Goodies Bags Birthday Flavors T182 / T183

Series: T182
Option: A

Kaleidoscopes, from the Greek word for "beautiful form to see", have been fascinating children since their invention in 1816. And they still create wonder and delight in today's child. This Kaleidoscope lets children see the world in a new and more artistic way. Point toward the light and experience a swirling explosion of brilliant colors. Twist the separate turning cell and create vibrant and fantastical moving color patterns. Each turn creates a magical, intricate and iridescent mosaic that will dazzle and delight. As educational as it is entertaining, this classic kid's kaleidoscope fosters creativity, imagination and constant fascination.

  • Stimulate children's imagination and logical thinking ability.
  • Suitable for age: 3+
  • Size : 4.5 x 19 cm
  • Weight : 60g
  • Comes with Plastic Packaging.
  • Ready-stock and fast delivery.

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