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DIY Creative Foam Clay Art ACK004

Colorful foam clay art specially designed for children.

The fun of drawing, kneading, rubbing, etc. and cultivating children's hands coordination and practical ability, color perception and color collocation power, and three-dimensional construction ability to be patient attention and perseverance, imagination creativity and logical thinking ability. 

  • Ready-stock and fast delivery.
  • Size : 18.5 x 23 cm
  • Eco-Friendly Materials - Safe to use, but not for eaten. Don't let your kids eat it! The glue is not okay to put in mouth! Foam and foam glue is 100% safe for skin but not as a food.
  • Easy to Use - Mess free and enable kids to unleash their creativity, the snowflake is made by small foam particle and foam glue which is easily to move from hand. Rub it after take it out from the package, it will be uniform and nothing left in their hand!
  • Beautiful Colors - Learn about different colors from mix and match. A color map is showing in the package but their would be more possible with different percentage!