Leaving product reviews to earn points!

Every product review = 20 points, e.g. leaving review of 10 products and you will earn 200 points which is equivalent to $4 voucher !

So, how to leave reviews ?

1) Login to your account.


    2) Input your email address, password and click SIGN IN. 



      3) It will bring you to your order history and just click the order number you want to review.


      4) Click the product link, every product review = 20 points. 

      5) At the product page, click "Write a review".



      6) Complete all the fields and click "SUBMIT REVIEW".




      7) Repeat step 3 to 6 to complete all the product reviews.

      It will take 5 days to approve before you can see the points earned.

      8) Once it approved, you can check your reward points from the right bottom corner, click it to check your points.


      9) Click History from the pop-up window and you will see the points earned from leaving a product review.


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        March 24, 2018

        Fast delivery. Nice quality! Good customer service too!

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